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Nausea is the sensation of unease and discomfort from the stomach, with the sufferer feeling that they are about to vomit (though they may not actually do so).

It is a symptom of a huge variety of conditions, from motion sickness to morning sickness and encompassing viral infections and many other diseases. It is a side effect of many drugs, both therapeutic and recreational.

In medicine, nausea is the cause of most distressing problem during some chemotherapy regimens. Nausea is also a well known "side-effect" of pregnancy, and from giving blood.

Whilst short-term nausea and vomiting are in themselves harmless, they are indicative of some disease, which may be serious, and a longer episode can result in serious dehydration, which is dangerous. Symptomatic treatment for nausea and vomiting usually includes avoidance of solid food (which is usually easy as people suffering from nausea usually don't wish to eat) and rehydration[?] (with electrolyte solutions if the symptoms have been persistent).

Nausea (French La Nausée) is a novel by Jean-Paul Sartre.

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