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Napoleon (disambiguation)

Napoleon is the name of France's two emperors of the Bonaparte dynasty:

  • Napoleon I (Napoleon Bonaparte, 1769-1821; reigned 1804-1814)
  • Napoleon III (Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, 1808-1873; reigned 1852-1870).

The title of Napoleon II of France was applied by Bonapartists[?] to Napoleon's son Napoleon Francis Joseph Charles Bonaparte, King of Rome, (1812-1833) who never reigned.

A napoleon is a dessert made of crisp, flaky layers of pastry alternating with custard cream filling. See napoleon (pastry)[?]
Napoleon is a French gold coin. See Napoleon (coin)
Napoleon is also the name of a 1927 film by Abel Gance[?] about Napoleon I. See: Napoleon (movie)
Napoleon is the name of several places in the United States of America:

Napoleon is a card game. See: Napoleon (card game)[?]
Napoleon the pig is a character in George Orwell's novel Animal Farm
Napoleon XIV is a comedic singer. See: roots of rap music

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