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A Namek or a Namekian, is a fictional race from the Planet Namek[?] in the Animes Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT[?].

Namekians have green skin and pointy ears, but otherwise they have a human form. They are an ancient race, and have many magical abilities, as can be seen when for instance, Piccolo creates Gohan's first Karate Gi at the start of Dragon Ball Z when he is training him in the woods, and later when he creates a similar outfit to his own for the boy before the Cell Games[?]. They are also the creators of the Dragonballs[?], which grant wishes - clearly magical.

Generally not strong, Nameks are usually peaceful, however there are a few exceptions. In the past several Nameks found the secret "ancient knowledge" to becoming Super Nameks. The power went to their heads and they became violent and tyranic. The peaceful Nameks banished the Super Nameks from the planet using the magic of the Dragonballs. The only known Super Nameks are Piccolo and Lord Slug[?].

Multiplication occurs by vomiting up a huge egg, which later hatches into another Namek. This makes them A-Sexual. Possibly due to their magical abilities, they have the ability to fuse with other Nameks, while keeping one body (as apposed to a combination of the two bodies). The results in a much stronger being, who has the personality traits of both Namekians combined. This happens with Piccolo and Nail[?], and later Piccolo and Kami. Kami is also seen to expunge the evil within himself, which then forms into yet another Namek, the original evil Piccolo.

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