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Naked and Petrified

Naked and Petrified was the anonymous name of a tenacious and successful Internet troll on Slashdot. His (or her) method was to invariably link whatever topic was being discussed to the idea of a "naked and petrified[?]" stone statue to which he (or she) was supposedly sexually attracted, commonly involving the statue being smothered in grits. Actress Natalie Portman, the main female star of The Phantom Menace, was a common target of this supposed affection.

The concept itself may (or may not) be a reference to a scene in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in which the heroes are all turned into naked statues for amusement and titillation.

CAUTION: PARAGRAPH CONTAINS ADULT LINKS. Sexual attraction to statues, mannequins or immobilised people is in fact a recognised fetish related to robot fetishism; see for instance The alt.sex.fetish.robots Website (http://www.asfr.net) and this portal linking to several other sites (http://www.many-realms.net/).

The effects of the troll were minimised when Slashdot instituted a screening method for posters.

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