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Multivariate statistics

Multivariate statistics or multivariate statistical analysis in statistics describes a collection of procedures which involve observation[?] and analysis[?] of more than one statistical variable[?] at a time.

There are many different models, each with its own type of analysis:

  1. Correlation analysis[?] simply tries to establish whether or not there are linear relationships among the variables.
  2. Regression analysis attempts to determine a linear formula that can describe how some variables respond to changes in others .
  3. Principal components analysis attempts to determine a smaller set of synthetic variables that could explain the original set.
  4. Discriminant Function or Canonical variate analysis[?] attempt to establish whether a set of variables can be used to distinguish between two or more groups.
  5. Principal coordinate analysis[?] attempts to determine a set of synthetic variables that best preserves the distance relationships between records.

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