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Mortar is a material used in masonry to fill the gaps between blocks in construction and bind the blocks together -- these can be stone, brick, breezeblocks[?] (cinder blocks) etc. It is a mixture of sand, a powdered adhesive and water that is applied as a paste and then dries hard.

The earliest known mortar was used by the ancient Egyptians, and was made from gypsum. Lime mortar, using quicklime, was discovered about 4000 BC, about the time the great Egyptian pyramids were built. Cement mortars were first developed by the ancient Romans but did not become widespread in Europe until the 18th century, and did not fully replace lime mortar until about 1930. Lime mortar was slower to harden, but more flexible, making it more compatible with soft old bricks. Cement mortar is less permeable, harder, and more suitable for use with hard modern bricks.

A mortar is a military weapon into which is dropped a mortar shell, which is then fired in a high ballistic trajectory[?]. Modern mortars consists of a simple tube; however, early mortars were very short, very thick cannons, and some required transport on railroad cars. Mortars are often portable by infantry and can be used as a small-scale substitute for artillery.

A mortar is a vessel used to contain a substance which is then ground into a powder and/or mixed with a pestle. Mortars have smooth, rounded bottoms and wide mouths.

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