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The phrase Morning Star can refer to several things.

  • The planet Venus, when it is visible early in the day. (see also Evening Star[?])
  • The Morning Star is the name of a Communist newspaper in Great Britain, founded in 1930.
  • In the Bible, Morning Star is a name figuratively given to Christ (Rev. 22:16; comp. 2 Pet. 1:19). When Christ promises that he will give the "morning star" to his faithful ones, he "promises that he will give to them himself, that he will give to them himself, that he will impart to them his own glory and a share in his own royal dominion; for the star is evermore the symbol of royalty (Matt. 2:2), being therefore linked with the sceptre (Num. 24:17). All the glory of the world shall end in being the glory of the Church." Trench's Comm. (From Easton's Bible Dictionary (1897))
  • Morning Star can also refer to Lucifer.
  • Possibly, a morning star could refer to a child prodigy, with an evening star referring to one who shows their talent in later life.
  • A morning star is a type of mace that has a spiked metal ball attached to the handle by a long chain.

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