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Scientific classification

   Tetranychidae[?] - Spider mites
   Eriophyidae[?] - Gall mites
   Sarcoptidae[?] - Sarcoptic Mange mites
The mites and ticks, Order Acarina or Acari belong to the Arachnida and are among the most diverse and successful of all the invertebrate groups, although some way behind the insects. They have exploited an incredible array of habitats and because of their small size (some are truly microscopic) most go totally unnoticed. Many live freely in the soil but there is also a vast array of species that live as parasites on plants or animals.

Some of the plant pests include the so-called Spider mites[?] (family Tetranychidae) and the Gall mites[?] (family Eriophyidae). Among the species that attack animals there are members of the Sarcoptic Mange mites (family Sarcoptidae), which burrow under the skin.

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