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Military robot

First world militaries that have large budgets and political pressure to eliminate casualties, such as America, are eagerly researching the application of robots to combat. Already remarkable success has been achieved with unmanned aerial vehicles like the Predator drone, which are capable of taking surveillance photographs, and even accurately launching missiles at ground targets, without a pilot. On the ground, robots have been deployed as mine sweepers and for bomb defusal. Also under research is MIDARS, a wheeled robot outfitted with a camera and possibly a firearm, that automatically follows a pre programmed route, around a base or installation for instance. It alerts a human overseer when it detects movement, or other programmed condition. The operator can then instruct the robot to ignore the event, or take over remote control to deal with an intruder, or to get better camera views of an emergency. The robot would also regularly scan barcodes of stored inventory as it passed and report any missing items.

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