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Military dictatorship

A military dictatorship is a form of dictatorship where the dictator, or a small group, rules through direct personal control of the military. In most cases the military will be assembled into a Junta, with represenatives who function as members of the cabinet. The Junta is usually led by a chairman, who may or may not also assume the title of president.

The word Junta, from the Spanish language word for "conference" (and can also be used to mean "tribunal" or "council").

Most military dictatorships are formed after a coup d'état. In the past, military juntas have staged coups in an attempt to bring stability to the nation, save it from the percieved threat of a dangerous ideology, or simply because they feel the interests of the military are being ignored by the current administration.

Nations currently under military rule:

Nations with legacies of military dictatorships:

See: police state, dictator

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