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In Greek mythology, Miletus was the founder of the city described below. He had two children: Caunus and Byblis.

Miletus is a city in the Anatolia province of Turkey, near the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and at the mouth of the Meander river.

It was once one of the twelve Ionian cities of Asia Minor. Its gridlike layout, planned by Hippodamos, became the basic layout for Roman cities. The city also once possessed a harbor, before it was clogged by alluvium brought by the Meander.

The history of Miletus reaches back to the bronze age. In the 1500s BC, settlers from Crete moved there. It was under Persian rule until 479 BC, when the Greek became victorious over the Persians. During this time several other cities were formed by settlers from Miletus, spanning across what is now Turkey and even as far as Crimea. In ancient Greece, Miletus became famous for its science and philosophers, with Thales being the most important one. In 334 BC, the city was conquered by Alexander the Great. In the 6th century, Miletus had become a maritime empire, based on several colonies.

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