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In Irish mythology Milesians or Sons of Mil Espaine (see Milesius) is the name by which the sons and descendants of Mil Espaine were called. They arrived to Ireland during the festival of Beltane, led by Amhairghin (Amergin). The Milesians defeated the Tuatha De Danaan and took Tara, their capital city, establishing their own capital there. On their way they met the goddesses Eriu, Banba and Fotla[?], promising them that the land would be named after the one whose advise could help the invaders in their conquest of the country. Eriu's advice led them in their mission and the land was named Erin (ancient) or Eire (modern) in her honour. The Tuatha De Danaan were defeated at the Battle of Tailtinn[?], and, after a short resistance, a truce was made and the land was divided, the Milesians retaining the part above ground, meanwhile the Tuatha De Danaan were given the underworld part of the country. Eremon[?], a son of Mil Espaine, received the rule of the northern half of Ireland, and Eber Finn[?], one of the chiefs of the Milesians, was granted the rule of the southern half. Some time later both parts went to war, being Eber Finn killed in battle, and Eremon got the rule of all the territory, becoming the first 'human' king of the entire land.

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