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In Greek mythology, several people went by the name Merope.

  1. One of the Heliades
  2. Foster mother of Oedipus, wife of Polybus
  3. One of the Oceanids, a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, mother of Phaeton by Helios or Clymenus
  4. One of the Pleiades, she married a mortal, Sisyphus, and was thus the faintest star in the constellation that bears their name. With Sisyphus, she had one son: Glaucus.
  5. Son of King Oenopion of Khios. Orion fell in love with Merope but Oenopion did not want the marriage to happen. Orion raped Merope. For revenge, Oenopion got Orion drunk and stabbed out his eyes, then cast him into the sea. Hephaestus took pity on the blind Orion and gave him a young boy as a guide. The boy guided him east, where the rising sun restored Orion's sight. Orion then decided to kill Oenopion, but Hephaestus had built the king and underground fortress. Orion couldn't find the king and went to Delos, where he met his next lover, Eos

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