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Menes was an Egyptian pharaoh of the Ist. Dynasty, to some authors the founder of this, to others the second, but to all the successor of Narmer[?]. He lived ca. 3100-3000 BC, to some lists ca. 3050 BC. During his rule the Upper and Lower Egypt were unified in only one kingdom. To him was credited the foundation of Memphis, which he established as the Egyptian capital.

Other spellings for Menes are Hor Aka, Hor-Aka and Hor Aha; Hor-Aka can be translated as "Horus of the Reeds", possibly in allusion to the legend in which Isis hid Horus in the Nile Delta among papyri and reeds. It is interesting this name, because when speaking about this king it is difficult to forget the legendary battle between Horus (a patron deity of Lower Egypt) and Set (patron deity of Upper Egypt), in which Set was defeated and the kingdom got unified under the rule of Horus, the first king of all Egypt. It is simple to be sceptical about the conversion of this war into a myth, but it is a matter of fact that the war existed and then the unification of Egypt.

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