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Mayflower (ship)

The Mayflower was, most famously, the ship which transported the Pilgrim Fathers from Plymouth, England to North Virginia in what was later to become the United States of America in 1620. Initially the plan was for the voyage to be made in two vessels (the other being the Speedwell[?]), however, due to problems after setting out both ships were forced to return and after some reorganisation the voyage was made in the Mayflower alone. As a result of the delay, the settlers did not arrive until the onset of winter, which made for a difficult time for them. On April 5, 1621 the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts on a return trip to Great Britain.

Details regarding the size and overall dimensions of the ship are unknown, but it has been estimated from its load weight and the usual size of 180-ton merchant ships in the period to be 90 - 110 feet in length and about 25 feet in width. Careful research went into designing a replica, the Mayflower II (launched on September 22, 1956), to make it as much like its namesake as possible.

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Mayflower passengers


  • Allerton, Isaac (London)
    • Mary (Norris) Allerton, wife (Newbury, Berkshire)
    • Bartholomew Allerton, son
    • Remember Allerton, daughter
    • Mary Allerton, daughter
  • Bradford, William (Austerfield, Yorkshire)
    • Dorothy (May) Bradford, wife (Wisbech, Cambridge)
  • Brewster, William (Scrooby, Nottinghamshire)
    • Mary Brewster, wife
    • Love Brewster, son
    • Wrestling Brewster, son
  • Carver, John (Doncaster, Yorkshire)
    • Catherine (Leggett) (White) Carver, wife (Sturton-le-Steeple)
  • Cook, Francis (Blythe, Nottinghamshire)
    • John Cook, son
  • Crackstone, John (Colchester)
    • John Crackstone, son
  • Fletcher, Moses (Sandwich)
  • Fuller, Samuel (Redenhall, Norfolk)
  • Goodman, John
  • Minter, Desire (Norwich)
  • Priest, Degory (London)
  • Rogers, Thomas (London)
    • Joseph Rogers, son
  • Tilley, Edward (London)
    • Ann (Cooper) Tilley, wife
  • Tilley, John (London)
    • Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley, wife
    • Elizabeth Tilley, daughter
  • Tinker, Thomas (Thurne, Norfolk)
    • Mrs. Thomas Tinker, wife
    • boy Tinker, son
  • Turner, John (Whitechapel?)
    • boy Turner, son
    • boy Turner, son
  • White, William (Sturton-le-Steeple)
    • Susanna White, wife
    • Resolved White, son
    • Peregrine White, son (born in Cape Cod Harbor)
  • Winslow, Edward (Droitwich, Chester)
    • Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, wife

Planters recruited by London merchants

  • Billington, John (London)
    • Eleanor Billington, wife
    • John Billington, son
    • Francis Billington, son
  • Britteridge, Richard (London)
  • Browne, Peter (Great Burstead, Essex)
  • Chilton, James (Canterbury)
    • Mrs. Chilton, wife
    • Mary Chilton, daughter
  • Clarke, Richard
  • Cooper, Humility (London)
  • Eaton, Francis (Bristol)
    • Sarah Eaton, wife
    • Samuel Eaton, son
  • Fuller, Edward (Redenhall, Norfolk)
    • Mrs. Edward Fuller, wife
    • Samuel Fuller, son
  • Gardiner, Richard (Harwich, Essex)
  • Hopkins, Stephen (Wooton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire)
    • Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, wife
    • Giles Hopkins, son by first marriage
    • Constance Hopkins, daughter by first marriage
    • Damaris Hopkins, daughter
    • Oceanus Hopkins, born en route
  • Margesson, Edmund
  • Martin, Christopher (Billericay, Essex)
    • Mary (Prower) Martin, wife
  • Mullins, William (Dorking, Surrey)
  • Prower, Solomon (Billericay, Essex)
  • Rigsdale, John (London)
    • Alice Rigsdale, wife
  • Samson, Henry (London)
  • Standish, Myles (Chorley, Lancastershire)
    • Rose Standish, wife
  • Warren, Richard (London)
  • Wilder, Roger (Yarmouth, Norfolk)
  • Winslow, Gilbert (Droitwich, Chester)

Men hired to stay one year

  • Alden, John (Harwich, Essex)
  • Allerton, John
  • Ely, --?--
  • English, Thomas
  • Trevore, William

Family servants & young cousins

  • Butten, William (Austerfield, Yorkshire)
  • Carter, Robert (London)
  • --?--, Dorothy, maidservant of John Carver, married Francis Eaton
  • Doty, Edward (London)
  • Holbeck, William (Norwich)
  • Hooke, John
  • Howland, John (Huntingdon)
  • Lancemore, John (Essex)
  • Latham, William
  • Leister, Edward (Kensington)
  • More, Ellen (Shipton, Shropshire)
    • Jasper More, brother
    • Richard More, brother
    • Mary More, sister
  • Samson, Henry (Eckington, Worcestershire)
  • Story, Elias (London)
  • Thompson, Edward
  • Wilder, Roger

The Mayflower is, incidentally, the emblem of the English football club Plymouth Argyle F.C., who are known by the nickname of "The Pilgrims".

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