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Marcha Real

La Marcha Real (English: The Royal March) is the national anthem of Spain. La Marcha Real is one of the few national anthems in the world that have no lyrics.

Spain's national anthem is one of the oldest in Europe and its origins are unknown. Its first mention is in a document dated 1761, the "Libro de Ordenanza de los toques militares de la Infantería Española"--the Spanish Infantry's book of regulation bugle calls--by Manuel de Espinosa[?]. It was titled "March of the Grenadiers" or Marcha Granadera but had no author.

In 1770, King Carlos III[?] declared the Marcha Granadera the official "Honour March," giving the tune a place at public and ceremonial events. Soon, Spaniards regarded La Marcha Granadera as their national anthem and called it "La Marcha Real," or "The Royal March," because it was always played at public events in the presence of the royal family.

Under the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939), Himno de Riego[?] replaced La Marcha Real as the national anthem. However Francisco Franco restored La Marcha Real once the Civil War ended, but retained the old title "La Marcha Granadera." In October 1997 a Royal Decree was promulgated regulating the official use of the "Marcha Real."

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