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Manx language

Manx (Gaelg), also known as Manx Gaelic, is the Goidelic language spoken on the Isle of Man. It is an offshoot of Old Irish[?], particularly the Ulster and Galloway dialects. Manx dates to around the 5th century AD and is called Gaelg Vanninagh by Manx speakers. The last "native speaker" died in 1974, but by then a scholarly revival had begun to spread to the populace and many have learned Manx as a second language.

The spelling of Manx, unlike those of Irish and Scots Gaelic, does not represent the Goidelic phonology, and more closely resembles an English-speaker's attempt to write Gaelic. Both of the other Gaelics, for instance, would write Mhainnineagh (sp?) indicating that the initial 'v' sound is a lenited 'm', to distinguish it from a 'v' sound that is a lenited 'b' and is written bh in the other Gaelics, but also v in Manx.

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