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Mamoru Chiba

Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask
Japanese name: Chiba Mamoru American name: Darien Birthday: August 3 Blood type: A Favorite colors: Red and yellow Hobbies: Reading Favorite food: Chocolate Least favorite food: None Favorite class: Physics Least favorite classes: None
Darien first appeared when Serena threw a crumpled-up test (that she failed) over her shoulder and it hit Darien in the head.He replys with "Hey! Watch it meatball head!"( Meatball head becomes a Serena trademark in the series after this). He reads the test and says to Serena "...Are you stupid or just increadibly lazy." Serena is insulted and snags her test and takes off for home. Later at the Osa-P (Molly's mother's jewelery store) he appears as Tuxedo Mask and saves Sailor Moon's life from a Nega-Verse monster by throwing a rose in its path.He gives Sailor Moon a speech on "findIng the warrior inside her," after that she gets some courage and destroys the monster. He says that he will fight with her in the battle of evil then, he leaves the store. Sailor Moon instantly falls head over heals for Tuxedo Mask (From A Moon Star is Born) and trys to find out who he is in later episodes. At this point Darien doesn't even know that he is Tuxedo Mask, he transforms whenever the Sailor Scouts need help. After he is not needed anymore he leaves and turns back into Darien with no memory of what he did or who he was. Later after getting a Rainbow Crystal he finds out that he (Darien) is Tuxedo Mask. He tries to find the other Rainbow Crystals to find out his past and to find his princess. Later he finds out he is acually Prince Darien from Earth and that his princess is Serena aka Princess Serena of the Moon. After learning this he is kidnapped by the Nega-Verse and becomes a warrior for Queen Beryl who removes all his memories he had just learned. He tries to get the Moon Crystal from Sailor Moon, but so is Malachite who unlike Derien, tries to destroy the Sailor Scouts to get the crystal. Only in the final battle between Beryl and Sailor Moon does he turn from the Nega-Verse and get his memories back. But after the battle everyone loses all memories of who they are and what they did to help save the world. He uses all purpose roses with sharp stems that seem to repel any attack. He also uses his cane for attacks and defence from other attacks. The cane can extend to very long lenghts for attacks from a distance.

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