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Luigi's Mansion


Luigi's Mansion, released in 2001, is not only one of the first titles for the Nintendo GameCube, it is also the first official Mario series title for the system. Luigi's Mansion is also the second title to feature only Luigi. It features an innovative game engine, involving stunning ghosts and promptly sucking them into a vacuum cleaner, the "Poltergeist 3000."


Luigi's Mansion is also one of the few Mario games that has an actually storyline other than "save the princess." Luigi is informed that he has won a mansion in a contest. A contest he didn't even enter. He tells his brother Mario to meet him there, and then sets off himself. When he gets there, the mansion is haunted, and Mario is gone. With the help of Professor Elvin Gadd the ghost-researcher and his Poltergeist 3000, Luigi sets off to rescue Mario.

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