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Long-distance track event

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The long distances are races where the runner has to balance her energy according to experience, and knowledge of her body's performance. Tactics, mental determination, and aerobic condition are all that is necessary, a bare minum of speed is necessary, but it can help to win races (not necessarily set records).

Notice: in the context of these articles, a minimally trained runner can loosely be termed as a person that has trained conistently for over 10 weeks, and is running the race while in condition from this training. Results from people that have not done this do not reflect their potential whatsoever, and should be considered flukes.


  • A premier event. And it's just the beginning of long distance. Tactics, and superior aerobic conditioning win the race here. Training can comprise of a total of 60km a week, to 200 depending on preference.


  • The final standard track event. Most runners here are road and cross country[?] racers as well. It's amazing what some rubber under the feet can do for times here.

Longer Races

  • These are rarely contested on the track, although records do exist for distances up to 1000 miles (marathons and ultramarathons[?]). It's advised that you race on roads and earth so as to avoid the boredom, and mechanical problems that are associated with oval running.


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