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List of tectonic plate interactions

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Tectonic plate interactions be of three different basic types:

  • Divergent boundaries are areas where plates move away from each other, forming either mid-oceanic ridges or rift valleys[?].
  • Convergent boundaries are areas where plates move toward each other and collide.
    • Subduction zones occur where an oceanic plate meets a continental plate and is pushed underneath it. Subduction zones are marked by oceanic trenches. The descending end of the oceanic plate melts and creates pressure in the mantle, causing volcanoes to form.
    • Orogenic belts occur where two continental plates collide and push upwards to form large mountain ranges.
  • Transform boundaries occur when two plates grind past each other with only limited convergent or divergent activity.

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Divergent Boundaries

Subduction Zones

Orogenic Belts

Transform Boundaries

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