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List of palearctic ecoregions

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Tropical and Subtropical Moist Broadleaf Forests

PA0101 : Gizhou Plateau broadleaf and mixed forests[?]
PA0102 : Yunnan Plateau subtropical evergreen forests[?]

Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests

PA0401 : Appenine deciduous montane forests[?]
PA0402 : Atlantic mixed forests[?]
PA0403 : Azores temperate mixed forests[?]
PA0404 : Balkan mixed forests[?]
PA0405 : Baltic mixed forests[?]
PA0406 : Cantabrian mixed forests[?]
PA0407 : Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests[?]
PA0408 : Caucasus mixed forests[?]
PA0409 : Celtic broadleaf forests[?]
PA0410 : Central Anatolian deciduous forests[?]
PA0411 : Central China loess plateau mixed forests[?]
PA0412 : Central European mixed forests[?]
PA0413 : Central Korean deciduous forests[?]
PA0414 : Changbai Mountains mixed forests[?]
PA0415 : Changjiang Plain evergreen forests[?]
PA0416 : Crimean Submediterranean forest complex[?]
PA0417 : Daba Mountains evergreen forests[?]
PA0418 : Dinaric Mountains mixed forests[?]
PA0419 : East European forest steppe[?]
PA0420 : Eastern Anatolian deciduous forests[?]
PA0421 : English Lowlands beech forests[?]
PA0422 : Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests[?]
PA0423 : Hokkaido deciduous forests[?]
PA0424 : Huang He Plain mixed forests[?]
PA0425 : Madeira evergreen forests[?]
PA0426 : Manchurian mixed forests[?]
PA0427 : Nihonkai evergreen forests[?]
PA0428 : Nihonkai montane deciduous forests[?]
PA0429 : North Atlantic moist mixed forests[?]
PA0430 : Northeast China Plain deciduous forests[?]
PA0431 : Pannonian mixed forests[?]
PA0432 : Po Basin mixed forests[?]
PA0433 : Pyrenees conifer and mixed forests[?]
PA0434 : Qin Ling Mountains deciduous forests[?]
PA0435 : Rodope montane mixed forests[?]
PA0436 : Sarmatic mixed forests[?]
PA0437 : Sichuan Basin evergreen broadleaf forests[?]
PA0438 : South Sakhalin-Kurile mixed forests[?]
PA0439 : Southern Korea evergreen forests[?]
PA0440 : Taiheiyo evergreen forests[?]
PA0441 : Taiheiyo montane deciduous forests[?]
PA0442 : Tarim Basin deciduous forests and steppe[?]
PA0443 : Ussuri broadleaf and mixed forests[?]
PA0444 : West Siberian broadleaf and mixed forests[?]
PA0445 : Western European broadleaf forests[?]
PA0446 : Zagros Mountains forest steppe[?]

Temperate Coniferous Forests

PA0501 : Alps conifer and mixed forests[?]
PA0502 : Altai montane forest and forest steppe[?]
PA0503 : Caledon conifer forests[?]
PA0504 : Carpathian montane conifer forests[?]
PA0505 : Da Hinggan-Dzhagdy Mountains conifer forests[?]
PA0506 : East Afghan montane conifer forests[?]
PA0507 : Elburz Range forest steppe[?]
PA0508 : Helanshan montane conifer forests[?]
PA0509 : Hengduan Mountains subalpine conifer forests[?]
PA0510 : Hokkaido montane conifer forests[?]
PA0511 : Honshu alpine conifer forests[?]
PA0512 : Khangai Mountains conifer forests[?]
PA0513 : Mediterranean conifer and mixed forests[?]
PA0514 : Northeastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests[?]
PA0515 : Northern Anatolian conifer and deciduous forests[?]
PA0516 : Nujiang Langcang Gorge alpine conifer and mixed forests[?]
PA0517 : Qilian Mountains conifer forests[?]
PA0518 : Qionglai-Minshan conifer forests[?]
PA0519 : Sayan montane conifer forests[?]
PA0520 : Scandinavian coastal conifer forests[?]
PA0521 : Tian Shan montane conifer forests[?]

Boreal Forests/Taiga

PA0601 : East Siberian taiga[?]
PA0602 : Iceland boreal birch forests and alpine tundra[?]
PA0603 : Kamchatka-Kurile meadows and sparse forests[?]
PA0604 : Kamchatka-Kurile taiga[?]
PA0605 : Northeast Siberian taiga[?]
PA0606 : Okhotsk-Manchurian taiga[?]
PA0607 : Sakhalin Island taiga[?]
PA0608 : Scandinavian and Russian taiga[?]
PA0609 : Trans-Baikal conifer forests[?]
PA0610 : Urals montane tundra and taiga[?]
PA0611 : West Siberian taiga[?]

Temperate Grasslands, Savannas and Shrublands

PA0801 : Alai-Western Tian Shan steppe[?]
PA0802 : Altai steppe and semi-desert[?]
PA0803 : Central Anatolian steppe[?]
PA0804 : Daurian forest steppe[?]
PA0805 : Eastern Anatolian montane steppe[?]
PA0806 : Emin Valley steppe[?]
PA0807 : Faroe Islands boreal grasslands[?]
PA0808 : Gissaro-Alai open woodlands[?]
PA0809 : Kazakh forest steppe[?]
PA0810 : Kazakh steppe[?]
PA0811 : Kazakh upland[?]
PA0812 : Middle East steppe[?]
PA0813 : Mongolian-Manchurian grassland[?]
PA0814 : Pontic steppe[?]
PA0815 : Sayan Intermontane steppe[?]
PA0816 : Selenge-Orkhon forest steppe[?]
PA0817 : South Siberian forest steppe[?]
PA0818 : Tian Shan foothill arid steppe[?]

Flooded Grasslands and Savannas

PA0901 : Amur meadow steppe[?]
PA0902 : Bohai Sea saline meadow[?]
PA0903 : Nenjiang River grassland[?]
PA0904 : Nile Delta flooded savanna[?]
PA0905 : Saharan halophytics[?]
PA0906 : Tigris-Euphrates alluvial salt marsh
PA0907 : Ussuri-Wusuli meadow and forest meadow[?]
PA0908 : Yellow Sea saline meadow[?]

Montane Grasslands and Shrublands

PA1001 : Altai alpine meadow and tundra[?]
PA1002 : Central Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe[?]
PA1003 : Eastern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows[?]
PA1004 : Ghorat-Hazarajat alpine meadow[?]
PA1005 : Hindu Kush alpine meadow[?]
PA1006 : Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau alpine steppe[?]
PA1007 : Khangai Mountains alpine meadow[?]
PA1008 : Kopet Dag woodlands and forest steppe[?]
PA1009 : Kuhrud-Kohbanan Mountains forest steppe[?]
PA1010 : Mediterranean High Atlas juniper steppe[?]
PA1011 : North Tibetan Plateau-Kunlun Mountains alpine desert[?]
PA1012 : Northwestern Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows[?]
PA1013 : Ordos Plateau steppe[?]
PA1014 : Pamir alpine desert and tundra[?]
PA1015 : Qilian Mountains subalpine meadows[?]
PA1016 : Sayan Alpine meadows and tundra[?]
PA1017 : Southeast Tibet shrub and meadows[?]
PA1018 : Sulaiman Range alpine meadows[?]
PA1019 : Tian Shan montane steppe and meadows[?]
PA1020 : Tibetan Plateau alpine shrub and meadows[?]
PA1021 : Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows[?]
PA1022 : Yarlung Zambo arid steppe[?]


PA1101 : Arctic desert[?]
PA1102 : Bering tundra[?]
PA1103 : Cherskii-Kolyma mountain tundra[?]
PA1104 : Chukchi Peninsula tundra[?]
PA1105 : Kamchatka Mountain tundra and forest tundra[?]
PA1106 : Kola Peninsula tundra[?]
PA1107 : Northeast Siberian coastal tundra[?]
PA1108 : Northwest Russian-Novaya Zemlya tundra[?]
PA1109 : Novosibirsk Islands arctic desert[?]
PA1110 : Scandinavian Montane Birch forest and grasslands[?]
PA1111 : Taimyr-Central Siberian tundra[?]
PA1112 : Trans-Baikal Bald Mountain tundra[?]
PA1113 : Wrangel Island arctic desert[?]
PA1114 : Yamalagydanskaja tundra[?]

Mediterranean Forests, Woodlands, and Shrub

PA1201 : Aegean and Western Turkey sclerophyllous and mixed forests[?]
PA1202 : Anatolian conifer and deciduous mixed forests[?]
PA1203 : Canary Islands dry woodlands and forests[?]
PA1204 : Corsican montane broadleaf and mixed forests[?]
PA1205 : Crete Mediterranean forests[?]
PA1206 : Cyprus Mediterranean forests[?]
PA1207 : Eastern Mediterranean conifer-sclerophyllous-broadleaf forests[?]
PA1208 : Iberian conifer forests[?]
PA1209 : Iberian sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous forests[?]
PA1210 : Illyrian deciduous forests[?]
PA1211 : Italian sclerophyllous and semi-deciduous forests[?]
PA1212 : Mediterranean acacia-argania dry woodlands and succulent thickets[?]
PA1213 : Mediterranean dry woodlands and steppe[?]
PA1214 : Mediterranean woodlands and forests[?]
PA1215 : Northeastern Spain and Southern France Mediterranean forests[?]
PA1216 : Northwest Iberian montane forests[?]
PA1217 : Pindus Mountains mixed forests[?]
PA1218 : South Appenine mixed montane forests[?]
PA1219 : Southeastern Iberian shrubs and woodlands[?]
PA1220 : Southern Anatolian montane conifer and deciduous forests[?]
PA1221 : Southwest Iberian Mediterranean sclerophyllous and mixed forests[?]
PA1222 : Tyrrhenian-Adriatic sclerophyllous and mixed forests[?]

Deserts and Xeric Shrublands

PA1301 : Afghan Mountains semi-desert[?]
PA1302 : Alashan Plateau semi-desert[?]
PA1303 : Arabian Desert and East Sahero-Arabian xeric shrublands
PA1304 : Atlantic coastal desert[?]
PA1305 : Azerbaijan shrub desert and steppe[?]
PA1306 : Badkhiz-Karabil semi-desert[?]
PA1307 : Baluchistan xeric woodlands[?]
PA1308 : Caspian lowland desert[?]
PA1309 : Central Afghan Mountains xeric woodlands[?]
PA1310 : Central Asian northern desert[?]
PA1311 : Central Asian riparian woodlands[?]
PA1312 : Central Asian southern desert[?]
PA1313 : Central Persian desert basins[?]
PA1314 : Eastern Gobi desert steppe
PA1315 : Gobi Lakes Valley desert steppe[?]
PA1316 : Great Lakes Basin desert steppe[?]
PA1317 : Junggar Basin semi-desert[?]
PA1318 : Kazakh semi-desert[?]
PA1319 : Kopet Dag semi-desert[?]
PA1320 : Mesopotamian shrub desert[?]
PA1321 : North Saharan steppe and woodlands[?]
PA1322 : Paropamisus xeric woodlands[?]
PA1323 : Persian Gulf desert and semi-desert[?]
PA1324 : Qaidam Basin semi-desert[?]
PA1325 : Red Sea Nubo-Sindian tropical desert and semi-desert[?]
PA1326 : Rigestan-North Pakistan sandy desert[?]
PA1327 : Sahara desert
PA1328 : South Iran Nubo-Sindian desert and semi-desert[?]
PA1329 : South Saharan steppe and woodlands[?]
PA1330 : Taklimakan desert[?]
PA1331 : Tibesti-Jebel Uweinat montane xeric woodlands[?]
PA1332 : West Saharan montane xeric woodlands[?]

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