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List of historical dogs

List of historical dogs
  • Balto, lead dog of sled-dog team that delivered medicine from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska to save Nome from a diphtheria epidemic
  • Barney, US President George W. Bush's Scottish terrier.
  • Belka, dog aboard Sputnik 5[?].
  • Boatswain, favorite pet of Lord Byron
  • Buddy, US President Clinton's chocolate Labrador retriever.
  • Centaur Pendragon, Rudolph Valentino's Irish Wolfhound
  • Checkers, US President Nixon's cocker spaniel, made famous in the Checkers speech[?]
  • Diamond, Sir Isaac Newton's favorite dog.
  • Jack, US President Roosevelt's terrier.
  • Murray of Fala Hill (or Fala), US President Roosevelt's Scottish terrier, given by his cousin, Margaret Suckley.
  • Laika, the dog aboard Sputnik 2.
  • Manchu, Alice Roosevelt's small black Pekingese which she received as a gift from the last empress of China.
  • Millie, US First Lady Barbara Bush's springer spaniel.
  • Nigger, a black labrador retriever who gave his name as the codename for the Dam Busters[?] mission in World War II. (He was given the name solely because he was black, but it is usually edited out of modern versions of the film about the mission.)
  • Pete, US President Roosevelt's bull terrier, who bit so many people he was exiled from the White House.
  • Robot, dog who discovered the cave paintings at Lascaux
  • Sailor Boy, US President Roosevelt's Chesapeake retriever.
  • Seaman, Meriwether Lewis's Newfoundland during the expedition.
  • Skip, US President Roosevelt's mongrel.
  • Spot "Spotty" Fletcher, US President George W. Bush's English Springer spaniel , named after Scott Fletcher, a former Texas Rangers baseball player.
  • Strelka, dog aboard Sputnik 5[?].

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