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List of Portuguese people

The following is a list of Portuguese people:


Santo António de Lisboa (or Anthony of Padua) (saint)
Fatima vidents[?] (1917 Our Lady aparitions in Fátima)

Navigators, explorers and related

Diogo Cão (15th century explorer of African coast)
Alfonso d'Albuquerque
Bartolomeu Dias (15th century explorer of African coast)
Vasco da Gama (discoverer of the Sea Route to India in 1498)
Pedro Alvares Cabral (discoverer of Brazil in 1500)
Gaspar Corte-Real (16th century explorer of North America)
Fernão de Magalhães (Ferdinand Magellan, sea explorer)
Afonso de Albuquerque[?] (naval general and vice-king of India)
Fernão Pires de Andrade[?] (merchant)
Gago Coutinho[?](1869-1959) & Sacadura Cabral[?](1881-1924) (were the first to cross South Atlantnc Ocean by air in 1922)


John XXI (13th century pope)


Uriel Acosta (philosopher)


Duarte Lobo[?] (composer)
Keil do Amaral[?] (composer of the portuguese anthem)
Fernando Lopes Graça[?] (composer)
Vianna da Mota[?] (piano player)
José Afonso[?] (also known as Zeca Afonso, composer, player)
Amália Rodrigues[?](1920-1999) (the most famous fado singer)
Carlos Paredes[?](1925-) (portuguese guitar player)
Maria João Pires[?] (piano player)
Maria João & Mário Laginha[?] (jazz singer & piano player)
Madredeus[?] (folk group)
Dulce Pontes[?] (singer)
Mísia[?] (fado singer)

Poets and writers:

Gil Vicente[?] (dramaturg)
Luis de Camões (poet, author of the Lusíadas[?])
Almeida Garrett[?] (writer and dramaturg)
Camilo Castelo Branco[?] (writer)
Eça de Queirós[?] (writer)
Fernando Pessoa (poet)
Florbela Espanca[?] (poet)
José Saramago (writer, Literature Nobel Prize 1998)


Nuno Gonçalves[?] (15th century painter)
José Malhoa[?] (19th century painter)
Almada Negreiros[?](1893-1970) (20th century painter)
Maria Helena Vieira da Silva[?] (20th century painter)
Paula Rego (20th century painter)


Garcia da Orta[?] (botanical scientist)
Pedro Nunes (16th century scientist)
Egas Moniz[?](1854-1955) (neurologist, Medicine Nobel Prize 1949)
António Damásio[?] (brain researcher)

Engineers and architets

Edgar Cardoso[?] (expert in bridge engineering)
Siza Vieira[?](1933-) (architect)
Tomás Taveira[?](1938-) (architect)

Movies - Actors and directors:

Manoel de Oliveira[?](1908-) (director)
Carmen Miranda(1914-1955) (singer and actress)
Beatriz Costa[?] (actress)
António Silva[?] (actor)
Laura Alves[?] (actress)
Joaquim de Almeida[?] (actor)
Maria de Medeiros[?] (actress)


Joaquim Agostinho[?] (cyclist)
Eusébio[?] da Silva Ferreira (1943-) (football player)
Carlos Lopes[?](1947-) (marathon olympic champion)
Rosa Mota[?](1958-) (marathon olympic champion)
Paulo Futre[?] (football player)
Paulo Sousa[?] (football player)
Luís Figo[?] (football player)

XX/XXI century politicians:

António Oliveira Salazar (1889-1970) (prime-minister in the dictatorship)
Mário Soares[?](1924-) (politician and president)
Francisco Sá Carneiro[?](1934-1980) (politician)
Cavaco Silva[?] (politician and prime-minister)
António Guterres[?] (politician and prime-minister)
José Manuel Durão Barroso[?] (politician and prime-minister)
D. Duarte, Duke of Bragança (claimant to the abolished throne of Portugal)

See also: List of Portuguese monarchs, Presidents of Portugal

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