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List of Irish Peers

Ireland has had peers for over a millennium. They fall into a number of categories.

  1. Ancient Irish Gaelic nobles (pre-english rule)
  2. Peers of the Lordship of Ireland and the Kingdom of Ireland (created between 1171 and 1800)
  3. Peers of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

This list covers peerages possessed by Irish people from any of the three categories. The title is listed first, followed by famous figures associated with the family beneath. It does not include non-Irish people awarded Irish titles; for example, the Duke of Connaught, son of Queen Victoria.

Gaelic Nobles

Family Seat: Clonalis House.
Family Seat: Dromoland Castle (until twentieth century)
  • The MacCarthy Mór, Prince of Desmond
  • The O'Callaghan
  • The O"Carroll of Ely
  • The O'Donoghue of the Glens
  • The O'Donovan
  • The O'Long
  • The MacGillycuddy of the Reeks
  • The O'Grady
  • The O'Kelly of Gallagh and Tycooly
  • The MacDermot, Prince of Coolavin
  • The Ó Ruairc, Prince of Breifne
  • The O'Neill Mór, Prince of Tyrone and The O'Neill, Prince of Clanaboy
  • The O'Dogherty of Inishowen
  • The O'Donel, Prince of Tirconnell
  • The Maguire, Prince of Fermanagh
  • The MacMorrough Kavanagh, Prince of Leinster
  • The O'Morchoe
  • The Fox

Irish Peerages created by England/Great Britain/United Kingdom

  • The Duke of Leinster, (formerly known as the Earl of Kildare), Ireland's premier peer.
    • Garret (Mór) Fitzgerald - viceroy under King Henry VIII
    • Garret (Óg) Fitzgerald - son of the above and also a viceroy
    • Silken Thomas - son of the above, rebelled against Henry VIII and was executed.
    • Lord Edward Fitzgerald - 18th century rebel associated with 1798 rebellion[?]

Family seats: Carton House[?], Co. Kildare (until early 20th century) Leinster House, Dublin City (until beginning of the 19th century - now seat of Dáil Éireann

Family Seat: Slane Castle[?], Co. Meath.

  • Baron Killanin
    • Lord Killanin - head of the International Olympic Committee
    • Michael (Mouse) Morris - successful Irish jockey and horse-trainer.

Family Seat: Tullynally Castle (formerly called Pakenham Hall), Co. Westmeath.

  • Viscount Powerscourt

Family seats: Powerscourt House, Co. Wicklow (until mid 20th century - house subsequently destroyed by fire); Powerscourt House, Dublin (until 19th century - now a famous shopping arcade)

Family Seat: Dunsany Castle, Co. Meath

  • The Earl of Fingall
    • Countess of Fingall - author of Seventy Years Young

Family Seat: Killeen Castle, Co. Meath (until mid 20th century. Castle burned by the Provisional IRA in 1981)

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