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List of British place names and their meanings

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The following is a table of locations with British place names, their origins and their meanings.

A key to the languages: AS - Anglo-Saxon C - generic Celtic K - Cornish W - Welsh SG - Scots Gaelic N - Northumbrian Celtic PC - pre-Celtic Britannic origin L - Latin/Roman Fr - French V - Viking/Norse cor - Corruption

A list of generic prefixes, suffixes, etc found in British place name may be found here

British Place Names
Modern place name Original name Meaning Language Comments
Charlton[?] ceorla-tun Farmstead of the churls AS There are many Charltons in Britain, taken by some historians as an indicator of comparative economic and social freedom in the Anglo-Saxon social order
Croydon croeas deana Valley of crocuses AS Croydon derives its name from the fact that it was a centre for the gathering of saffron from crocuses.
Hooe[?] hou high ground or elevation AS Plymouth Hoe also derives its name from this source
Pennycomequick[?] pen-y-cwm-kwiuk head of the creek K (cor)  
Rodings[?] Hrothingas The tribesmen of Hrotha AS (cor)  

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