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Life-death-rebirth deity

In mythology, a Life-death-rebirth deity is one who dies and is reborn, in a literal or symbolic sense. Often, the "death" was simply a visit and return to the underworld. Usually, s/he is worshipped primarily for this reason, and is often the subject of a mystery religion. They are associated with immortality, youth and redemption. Some of the most famous include Jesus Christ, Mithras, and Persephone (the object of the famed Eleusinian mysteries.

Life-death-rebirth Deities

  1. Aboriginal mythology
    1. Julunggul
    2. Wawalag
  2. Akkadian mythology
    1. Tammuz
  3. Aztec mythology
    1. Xipe Totec
  4. Celtic mythology
    1. Cernunnos
  5. Christianity
    1. Jesus Christ
  6. Egyptian mythology
    1. Isis
    2. Osiris
  7. Etruscan mythology
    1. Atunis
  8. Greek mythology
    1. Adonis
    2. Cybele
    3. Dionysus
    4. Orpheus
    5. Persephone
  9. Hindu mythology
    1. Vishnu
  10. Khoikhoi mythology
    1. Heitsi[?]
  11. Norse mythology
    1. Gullveig
  12. Persian mythology[?]
    1. Mithras
  13. Phrygian mythology[?]
    1. Attis[?]
  14. Roman mythology
    1. Aeneas
    2. Bacchus
    3. Proserpina
  15. Sumerian mythology
    1. Damuzi[?]
    2. Inanna

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