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Libertarian National Socialist Green Party

Popular name: The SS (Schizophrenic Skinheads)

The platform of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party of the United States borrows elements from libertarianism, national socialism, and environmentalism.

The basic platform combines three precepts, prioritized in the following order:

  • Personal freedom.
  • Environmental improvement.
  • Collective action, as well as personal.

The party advocates policies to use the synergies between these concepts. For example, collective action can increase society's efficiency, which increases wealth (and thus personal freedom) while reducing environmental pollution.

The party explicitly denounces numerous ethical systems and philosophies, such as christianity, judaism, and capitalism which its members believe interfere with one or more of the above precepts.

The party has a list of approved doctrines and types of activities:

  • The party seeks to actively rehabilitate the positive, though discredited aspects of National Socialist Doctrine: personal freedom, collective action, and appreciation of nature.
  • The party promotes activities that encourage personal freedoms.
  • The party desires to promote rational, wholesome solutions to social and environmental problems, even when such solutions seem radical.
  • The party approves of science, and a scientific world-view;
  • The party desires to encourage an appreciation of nature.
  • The party encourages strong national borders, to prevent infiltration by foreign citizens not loyal to national ideals.
  • The party encourages gun ownership, to promote freedom and reduce crime through local enforcement and self-defense.
  • The party urges an end to the war on drugs, and believes that individuals should determine their own substance use.
  • The party encourages home schooling, a natural expression of personal freedoms, which allows one to teach the truth to one's children.

Doctrines not promoted by the party:

  • Genocide, for any reason.
  • Racial discrimination.
The official doctrine of the SS on this subject is: 7. Separation of the races:
Isolation of all distinct racial groups to historical home continents Creation within New World continents of geographically isolated "mixed" areas Celebration of ethnic nationalism and racism in each and every race Equal rights of all races to disassociate with others Dissolution of international trading as a regulated industry Local governmental rights to all ethnically- and culturally-distinct populations Forced relocation of those on the wrong continents Forced separation of mixed-race couples Redefinition of "nation" to mean ethnic group/tribe Reparations to American blacks and repatriation to Africa Uniting of Native American tribes in separate Nation within America Recognition of miscegenation as racist bias in favor of mixed-race tribes Jews, Christians and Muslims recognized as middle eastern race

8. An immigrant naturalization plan: Free public schooling in national language speaking and writing All government publications in national language only (unless export) Non-taxpayers given no access to government facilities or benefits Class of citizen empowered via education, legal bulletin, and benefits Electronic patrol of border to prevent non-citizen entry Relaxation of seizure law on persons and cargo at entry points Primary focus on security and filtering as immigration plan Destruction of drug criminalization to allow American farmers to compete Support multiculturalism through diversity education and museums

9. Promotion of Indo-European culture: Encourage representation of Indo-European ("Aryan") culture American and European heritage recognized as Indo-European German and English recognized as official languages Indo-European customs, culture and social habits basis of future law Restore focus in learning to Western Civilization Eliminate all governmental preference to entities working against this tradition

10. Naturalism in popular thought: Refocus government planning of naturalist futurism Resume active development of space and space travel devices Cooperate with industry to clean up human pollution in America Initiate public works projects to employ homeless in construction Begin media running 45 contiguous minutes of non-slanted propaganda every evening during prime time Consider broadcast airwaves and the viewing attention of collected individuals to be an asset regulated by the government Contribute funds to the arts which reflect natural values and are products of heroic behaviors Create public centers in nature where people can play and work in an environment of rock, metal and wood only Remove emphasis on disposable technology in government purchasing

11. A reputable foreign policy: Grant brotherhood to all nations populated principally by Indo-Europeans, regardless of stated ideology Redirect foreign support to the same nations exclusively Recognize all nations by the tribal model, and admit previously demonized tribes (Arabs) to international discourse Convert the UN into a world anti-pollution/environmental damage task force Stop the world bank's destructive policy of making unsupported third world loans Stop the use of tariffs except as a blanket means of making all imports more expensive Impose a value-added tax on all trade transacted within the USA Tax all synagogues, churches and mosques, recognizing them as a foreign power within our borders

Our party grew from dissatisfaction with the Green Party, Libertarian Party, various Anarchist and Socialist groups, and some of the European Pagan movements, while appreciating and identifying with the central impulse behind each. Our centering is the Green ideals shared by modern environmental movements and their ideological ancestor, the National Socialist German Worker's Party (NSDAP) of Adolf Hitler, 1933-1945. Despite our identification with many parts of the radical left, our disagreement with the core value of leftist politics - egalitarianism and "re-organization" of emergent natural hierarchy - has led us former good citizens into the dangerous waters of National Socialist. As a non-monetarist system, it provides the only form of collectivist organization we believe is viable, and its connection to both individual independence from society and rigid, at-gunpoint environmental practice makes it the perfect unification for other beliefs.

  • Mysticisms, including racial and religious mysticisms.

The party accepts all members without regard to race or sexual orientation, but it warns that people who strongly support religions may feel uncomfortable, and not wish to join.

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