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Let's Take It to the Stage

Title of album: Let's Take It to the Stage

Artist: Funkadelic

Release date: 1975

Record label: Westbound[?]

Compared to most Funkadelic albums, Let's Take It to the Stage features many short and to-the-point songs, and fewer epic jam sessions.

Track Listing:

Personnel: (given as credited in liner notes)

Critical response:

  • "One of Funkadelic's goofiest releases, Let's Take It to the Stage also contains more P-Funk all-time greats as well, making for a grand balance of the serious and silly."

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  • the Motherpage (http://www.duke.edu/~tmc/motherpage/albums_funkadelic/alb-2stage)


Title of song: Let's Take It to the Stage

Artist: Funkadelic

Title of album: Let's Take It to the Stage (see above)

Year of first release: 1975

Trivia: (Includes covers, alternate versions)

The incomprehensible noise at the beginning of the song is actually a voice repeating "oh, yeah!" repeatedly.

Complete tabs at [external site with complete tabs]

Songwriters: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Garry Shider

Memorable Lyrics:

  • "Everybody funking and don't know how/They shoulda seen the bull when he funked the cow/He funked her so hard they saw some smoke/He said, let's get in the bed and funk like folks"
  • "Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet snorting some THC/Along came a spider, slid down beside her/Said: what's in the bag bitch/She said I'm laughin' at ya, ha, ha!/(Hey Fool and the Gang!)"
  • "Crazier than a sex maniac in a whorehouse with a credit card!"
  • "Sittin in the woods upon a log/(Tricky Dick wasn't worried about no incriminating Watergate)/Finger on the trigger/My eyes on a hog/(Information being on those tapes)"
    • "Tricky Dick" refers to Richard Nixon
    • "Watergate" refers to the scandal that ended Nixon's career
    • "Information being on those tapes" refers to gaps in recordings of Nixon and other administration officials, presumably information deleted because of its incriminating nature

Complete lyrics at the Motherpage (http://www.duke.edu/~tmc/motherpage/lyrics_funkadelic/lyr-2stage#lyr-s-2stage)

The lyrics are a rhyme-heavy, nursey-rhyme-styled, seemingly stream-of-consciousness-style and only borderline coherent.


Critical response:

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