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A lepton (Greek for "light", as opposed to hadrons which are "heavy") is a subatomic particle that is not made of quarks. The leptons are the electron, the muon, the tau, and their respective neutrinos.

All known leptons have a negative or neutral charge. There are 6 types of lepton, 3 of which are negative, the other 3 neutral.

A Table of the Leptons

Name Charge Mass(GeV)
Electron -1 0.000511
Electron Neutrino 0 ~0
Muon -1 0.1056
Muon Neutrino 0 ~0
Tau -1 1.777
Tau Neutrino 0 ~0

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Authoritative information on particle properties is compiled by the Particle Data Group http://pdg.lbl.gov

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