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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released in 1998 and was the first Zelda game created for the Nintendo 64. It was also the first 3D version of the highly successful Legend of Zelda game series. Within five months of its release, The Ocarina of Time broke records by selling over sixty million copies. It is highly praised as one of the greatest games of all-time.
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The story takes place in the land of Hyrule where a young boy, Link, was called upon by the great Deku Tree[?] to save the land from the King of Thieves, Ganondorf Dragmire[?]. Although Ganondorf had sworn allegiance to the king of Hyrule, he planned to take over using the triforce left behind by the goddesses of power, courage, and wisdom many years before.

The Temple of Time[?] near Hyrule Castle[?] was the entrance to the Sacred Realm, guarded very cautiously. An inscription inside told of the keys to the realm: those who wished to enter needed to have three spiritual stones and had to know the song of time played on the Ocarina of Time. The spiritual stone of fire was given to the Goron[?] leader Darunia[?], the stone of water was given to King Zora[?] of Zora[?]'s Domain, and the stone of the forest was given to the Great Deku Tree in Kokiri Forest. While attempting to gain possession of these spiritual stones, Ganondorf cut off the Goron's food supply, cursed the divine Zora being Lord Jabu-Jabu[?] into swallowing the Zora Princess Ruto, and put a fatal curse on the Deku Tree.

As the Deku Tree died, he appointed the fairy Navi[?] to help Link. The fairy found the boy in bed while he was having nightmares. In one dream, Link saw himself at a castle as a woman with a little girl escaped on horseback. The horse would be followed by a man with an evil look on his face (Ganondorf) riding on a black horse. Once Navi took the boy back to the Tree, Link went inside it to defeat some nasty monsters existing within. When the curse on the Deku Tree was broken, Link was given the spiritual stone of the forest. Navi was to remain by his side until his duties were done. She provided helpful hints about the weaknesses of enemies and also helped him target any villains he was to fight.

As he was leaving his home in Kokiri Forest, Link was given an ocarina by his friend Saria[?]. After taking it, he went to Hyrule Castle town in search of the princess Zelda. He found the Castle and saw the princess eavesdropping on the Kings conversation with Ganondorf. She told Link about her fears of Ganondorf trying to find the triforce and using it for evil instead of good. They planned to get the triforce before Ganondorf could, conquer him, and save Hyrule. Before he left, Zelda's caretaker, Impa[?], taught Link "Zelda's Lullaby" which would enable him to enter many places during his adventures. Link went back for a short while to visit Saria, and learned a new song from her for his ocarina.

So began Link's journey through various parts of the land. He would have to defeat many monsters while visiting numerous temples before peace could finally be restored in Hyrule.

Places to beat:

Inside the Deku Tree

Dodongos Cavern

Inside Lord Jabu-Jabu's Belly

For each place conquered, Link received a spiritual stone. Once he had them all, he went back to the castle to find that it had surrendered to Ganondorf. Just as he had seen in his dreams, Impa and Zelda suddenly fled on horseback, and as they did, the princess threw the Ocarina of Time into the moat. They were followed by Ganondorf who hurt Link for refusing to tell him which way Impa had gone. Ganondorf went after the two and Link retrieved the ocarina from the moat. Through a psychic message, Zelda managed to teach link the Song of Time. He now had the keys to the sacred realm: spiritual stones as well as the Ocarina of Time. Link went to the Temple to Time and played the song. Suddenly the Door of Time opened and revealed a room with a sword stuck in stone.

When Link tried to draw the sword out of the stone, he was much too young, but being the chosen one he was kept inside the Chamber of the Sages for years until he came of age. While he was trapped within the chamber, the door to the sacred realm was left open. Soon Ganondorf found it and obtained the triforce after battling many others who desired it. Because Ganondorf wished so much for power, the triforce gave him only that. Destiny had chosen Zelda and Link to personify wisdom and courage. Ganondorf wanted to find the two destined to hold the remaining powers of the triforce. He cursed Zora's domain, freezing it, imprisoned the Gorons and returned an evil dragon named Volvagia to Death Mountain.

Fortunately, Link woke up just in time, finding himself all grown up and face to face with the light sage Rauru[?]. He told Link to awaken the rest of the sages, and by doing so, each sage would add his/her power to Link's. He also meets a man called Sheik on his way out, who tells him of a girl waiting for him in the Forest Temple. Link then began his journeys to different temples awakening sages along the way.

Temples to conquer:

Forest Temple

Fire Temple

(Ice Cavern)

Water Temple

Shadow Temple

(Gerudo Fortress)

Spirit Temple

Throughout these adventures, with Navi always by his side, Link found many weapons and learned many songs on his ocarina to help him.

Weapons and Items:


Zelda's Lullaby

Saria's Song

The Song of Time

The Sun's Song

Song of Storms

Prelude of Light

Epona's Song

Minuet of Forest

Bolero of Fire

Serenade of Water

Nocturne of Shadow

Requiem of Spirit

The music was composed by Koji Kondo.

Once Link defeated the evils of the temples, he returned to the Temple of Time to discover Sheik, who told him about Ganondorf's attempts to find the other two holders of the triforce pieces. Link soon found out that he was the holder of courage, and Sheik turned out to be Princess Zelda in disguise, the holder of wisdom. The princess then gave him the most powerful weapon of all, the light arrows. Just then she was trapped inside a pink crystal and taken away magically by the evil king. Link would now have to defeat the Great Ganondorf.

As he made his way up to the castle, Link saw that the entrance was surrounded by a moat of lava. The sage Rauru contacted him and told him that all the sages would combine their powers to create a bridge. A beautiful glassy bridge helped Link gain entrance to castle. Inside he found a barrier that drew its power from the Sages. Once he managed to break each of the barriers and free the sages, he was able to enter Ganondorf's tower to confront him. Ganondorf was found playing his organ while the princess was still trapped in the crystal. When Link entered the room, all three parts of the triforce were finally together and seized by Ganondorf. Navi told Link that she could no longer help him fight, as the king's darkness was too much for her to bear. She quickly zipped away to cower somewhere out of sight.

Ganondorf began hovering over Link, shooting him down with magic, and laughing in his crazy fashion. Golden sparks flew creating a magnificent fight scene. Link used the light arrows and his sword to finally defeat the evil king and Zelda was free again. A fun bit was when Ganondorf began to spit blood while slowly dying a painful death. Still, with the last of his strength, Ganondorf began making the castle crumble and the princess began to flee with Link following close behind. The two escaped just in time and watched the remaining castle tumble down, and disappear into a massive cloud of dust.

Just when they thought it was all over, the ground began to shake, and out of the rubble emerged Ganondorf, with the triforce still gleaming on his hand. It had made him more powerful than ever before. He transformed into Ganon, a giant form far more hideous than the original Ganondorf. When Link drew his sword, Ganon swiftly knocked it out of his hands. The boy was left with the light arrows, which he used to blind the monster with. Ganon seemed to have a weak spot on his tail, which Link struck with his hookshot (or hammer, whichever one was handy). Each strike would make the creature weaker, until he finally fell to the ground. Link ran to get his sword while Zelda held the wicked thing with her powers. Finally the sword delivered a few final blows, and Ganon was no more.

The sages came together and sent Ganondorf to the Evil Realm. Hyrule was returned to a happy and peaceful state. Zelda and Link managed to float up to some pretty clouds, where she thanked him during a great cinematic scene. Although heartbroken, she had to return him to his time. After returning the Ocarina of Time to her, he was transported back to Hyrule in a blue crystal. Link opened his eyes to find himself seven years in the past, once again a child. He longed to see Zelda again, and in yet another darling scene, he made his way to the castle, and found her at the same window as when they first met.

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