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Lauri Ingman

Lauri Ingma as Finnish religion education and school developer \par in pertaining to education faculty was presented 11.6.1998 accurately ttavaksi TT Hannu Välimäe thesis "Lauri Ingma as Finnish religion education and school developer".

Research concerns to the educational science trade.

As the opponent was associate professor Markku Pyysiäine and as the custodian professor Martti T. The black-throated diver.

The act will publish in series reporting of Finland's church-historical company (179).

Lauri Ingma (1868-1934) actions as the religion teacher, as the practical theology professor and as Finland's Lutheran church Arch bishop. He was also member of parliament and multiple Minister of education. As the politician he was also school politician. In research is being resolved the activity of the ingma as Finnish religion education and school developer and this activity's motives and results. His developing action became focussed to the ecclesiastical religion education (family upbringing, Sunday school, ecclesiastical primary education, confirmation school), school religion teaching and nation and to grammar school foundation for operations and -to the frames.

Ingma developed the religion education of the church and school as the consistent entirety, that it would have fulfilled better their task as the nation religious ethical rearer. It required especially church's child and developing of the youth work forms. In the Sunday school and in the ecclesiastical initial school to the child was impressed basic data from Christianity and Christian outlook on life. In the a key position was Sunday school, which was available for the statutory and pedagogogisesti for the high level teachers by educating and by producing to them new teaching material. In that regard the church and state possible separation and, I lacquer open from confessional religion teaching resources church was to be developed for self expressly from Sunday school efficient form of the religion education. State was supports or economically activity of the ecclesiastical initial schools. Also the activity of the confirmation school was to be boosted.

Securing of the school religion teaching Ingma resisted steeply the separation of the church and state. in the also the nation teaching reform whole preparation phase he demanded determined sufficient and confessional to the religion teaching elementary school. To all students compulsory irreligious ethics teaching he rejected steeply. His assumption herbart-zilleriläisen accordingly the pedagogic tendency, Ingma looked, that elementary school and grammar school working classes religion teaching was changing from the former catechism teaching primarily raamatunhistorian as being teaching. From the subject was in any case chopping. His prepare raamatunhistorian 's textbooks and teaching guides represented this tendency.

Ingma held compulsory education renewal and elementary school well as the necessary, but he would have wanted to economic reasons slows the execution of the renewal. He wanted also regulate establishing of the private grammar schools their level kkuuden as being preservation. To the operating licence escorted school had to be protected sufficient government assistance. Securing of the teaching level also nation and grammar school teachers salary should be competitive.

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