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LAMP is a marketspeak[?] buzzword and acronym -- boosted into tech culture's vernacular primarily by the editors of O'Reilly & Associates and the suits of MySQL AB[?] -- for the free software combination Linux + Apache + MySQL + {Perl, PHP, Python}. These 4 to 6 components are commonly used in combination for the development and deployment of dynamic web sites. The term itself surfaced and became fashionable in early 2001 -- just as the tech bubble was bursting -- even though these tools (and their relatives) had been used in conjunction with each other for years prior.

Although each tool is developed separately and is intended to operate independently of the others, they are very well suited for the task of complex web development when used together.

Each element of the LAMP acronym provides an essential layer of functionality:

  • Linux is the operating system;
  • Apache is the web server;
  • MySQL is the DBMS (database managment system [or, database server]);
  • PHP is an object-oriented web scripting language;
  • Perl is a powerful, general-purpose, object-oriented scripting language;
  • Python is yet another powerful, general-purpose, object-oriented scripting language.

Together, these 4 to 6 tools allow one to set up a web server and have it serve useful content within hours, with the software cost being either zero or negligible. Because of this, these tools (and their relatives) are bundled with most current Linux distributions.

The software that currently runs Wikipedia could be characterized as a LAMP application. Wikipedia's software is developed primarily under Linux, using the Apache HTTP Server, with its content being stored in a MySQL database, and the program logic being implemented in PHP.

Relatives LAMP doesn't encompass the whole spectrum of useful tools for the development of web-based technologies using free or open-source software. Other useful and commonly used tools include:

Aficionados of the PostgreSQL object-relational DBMS don't mind much being left out of the acronym, as folks of their ilk tend to hold themselves above the use of marketspeak and buzzwords. However, for those with a propensity for catch phrases[?], the acronym LAPP will suffice.

Other LAMPs LAMP is also the name of a (now obsolete?) movie player for Linux, the Linux Animation and Movie Player (http://pauillac.inria.fr/lamp/).

External links

  • ONLamp.com (http://www.onlamp.com/), O'Reilly & Associates' web site dedicated to the LAMP paradigm

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