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Kamehameha is an "energy attack" in the Animes Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT[?]. It was created by Master Roshi, and was taught to most of the Z Fighters[?] of Earth (including: Goku, Krillin[?], Gohan, Goten, Chibi Trunks[?] and Yamcha[?]. Cell can also perform the Kamehameha due to having some of Goku's cells). The Kamehameha draws its power from the life force of the user, so it must be used sparingly. This is Goku's signature attack.

The attack is performed by cupping the hands at the side of the body (usually the right), drawing them back, and saying "Ka - Me - Ha - Me - Ha" in five stages, before thrusting the hands forward and shooting a blue energy beam towards the target. Variations on this move include the Instant Transmission[?] Kamehameha, Gohan's one handed Kamehameha, and Goten's Kamekameha (Goten could not pronounce "Kamehameha" as a child).

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