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Higurashi Kagome is a character in InuYasha, a television anime series shown in Japan, the United States, and elsewhere.

She was an ordinary high school student, living at the shrine owned by her family with her mother and grandfather. On her 15th birthday, Kagome was pulled into a well by a centipede youkai and taken to the feudal era of Japanese history. She manages to drive the youkai off with a power she was unaware she had. When she gets out of the well, she meets a hanyou (half-demon) named Inuyasha who appears to be dead, pinned to a nearby tree by an arrow.

She ventures into a nearby village and is told by the current priestess Kaede[?] that she strongly resembles the priestess Kikyou who died 50 years ago. That night, the centipede youkai returns and Kagome flees back into "Inuyasha's Forest" where the well is. She finds that Inuyasha is now quite alive, though still bound to the tree by the magical arrow, and he calls her "Kikyou." The centipede youkai soon arrives and Kagome is injured. Out of her wound flies the Shikon no Tama that Kikyou had taken with her when she died. The centipede devours the jewel and attacks the villagers.

Inuyasha asks Kagome to pull out the arrow, so he can defeat the youkai. Kagome agrees after another of the youkai's attacks. Once the arrow is removed, Inuyasha slays the centipede demon. It begins to reform, but Kaede removes the Shikon no Tama from its body before it can return to life. Inuyasha demands the jewel, since he wants to use it to become a full youkai. He attacks Kagome, who is holding it, and he almost gets the jewel before Kaede places an enchantment on him, in the form of the beaded necklace he wears for the rest of the series. Kaede tells Kagome to speak a "word of restraint," and after glancing at Inuyasha's ears, the only word that comes to mind for her is "Sit!" (or osuwari in Japanese). He immediately falls to the ground, and will do so whenever Kagome says "Sit!"

Later, the Shikon no Tama is shattered by an arrow fired by Kagome, as she is trying to retrieve it from a youkai who stole it. Inuyasha and Kagome embark on a quest to recover the fragments and restore the jewel before it can fall into evil hands.


  • Inuyasha - He eventually warms up to Kagome, despite his arrogant attitude.
  • Shippo - Kagome treats him almost like she were his mother, even going so far as to "Sit!" Inuyasha for picking on him.
  • Miroku - Starts out as a lecher toward Kagome, but soon learns better and (mostly) controls his 'ecchi' impulses.
  • Sango - Kagome and Sango become like sisters after a while.
  • Kouga[?] - He is firmly convinced that he and Kagome are destined to be together and should be married.

Special Attacks:

  • Purifying arrow (Hama no Ya) - Kagome learns to shoot a magic arrow that can kill most demons.

See also: InuYasha

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