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Jumpman is an early platform game from Epyx[?], released in 1983. The game was written by Randy Glover. It had 30 levels and was available for IBM PC and Atari 400[?]. It was followed bu "Jumpman, Jr" that also was available for Commodore 64. A version for ColecoVision[?] was also available.

In 1991 "Jumpman Lives!" was released by Apogee Software[?]. It was written by Dave Sharpless[?]. Since Epyx still owned the rights to Jumpan Apogee was forced to withdraw the game.

In 1998 Randy Glover became aware of the many fans of Jumpman and started working on "Jumpman II". Several sources state that development has now stoped on this project.

In 2000 Midnight Ryder Technologies[?] ( http://www.midnightryder.com/ ) received the rights to develop "Jumpman: 2049".

Levels === "Beginner" Levels (1-8) ===
Easy Does It
Robots I
Bombs Away
Jumping Blocks
Grand Puzzle I

=== "Intermediate" Levels (9-18) ===
Look Out Below
Hot Foot
Robots II
Dragon Slayer
Grand Puzzle II
Ride Around
The Roost
Roll Me Over

=== "Advanced" Levels (19-30) ===
Ladder Challenge
Follow The Leader
Mystery Maze
Robots III
Now You See It...
Going Down
Grand Puzzle III

=== "Randomizer" levels (Random levels 1-29) ===
On the Atari 800 version of JumpMan, Randomizer always started with Robots II.

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Jumpman is also the name Mario had in Donkey Kong. When Nintendo realized this name was taken, they changed the name of the character to Mario.

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