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Juggling is the art of repeatedly throwing several objects in the air and catching them, so that at least one object remains in the air at all times. Common juggling props include balls, beanbags, rings, clubs, knives, torches and everything you can imagine to throw in the air.

More generally, the definition of juggling may be stretched to include all forms of artful object manipulation. Such variations including contact juggling (where one or more props such as crystal balls are skillfully rolled across the body), cigar box manipulation, bounce juggling, prop spinning and balancing, diabolo, and devil sticks[?].

Perhaps the earliest known record of juggling is Egyptian, from the 15th Beni Hassan tomb of an unknown prince, dating from the middle kingdom period of about 1994-1781 B.C.

Modern independently verifiable records for number of objects juggled (defined as two catches per each object) are 10 balls, 10 rings, and 7 clubs.

Juggling is one of the circus arts.

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