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Jorune is an RPG with an interesting background, the eponymous Skyrealms were floating "islands" of earth levitated by mysterious crystals in the planet's crust.

The game is currently out of print.

Skyrealms of Jorune was based on a science-fantasy background created by its authors initially for a school writing assignment. While it had many original and quite different ideas in its setting (compared to the FRPGs[?] of its day) it was often perceived as a poor man's Tekumel due to a number of similarities. These included the idea of human's colonising a distant planet and subsequently losing contact with the rest of humanity (a dimensional rift in Tekumel's case, civil war in Jorune's) leading to the regression of the colonist's society and war against the planet's native inhabitants.

The game also suffered by comparative shallowness. For example some game terms were derived from the language of Jorune such as the use of Sholari[?], "master", for GM. Overall the effect smacked of tokenism with a few "colour" words and no real attempt to describe a new culture, language or society.

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