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Jack L. Chalker

Jack L. Chalker (b. December 17, 1944) is a science fiction author. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, he has a graduate degree in English and history from Towson University[?] and has taught history at the high school and college levels. He's been a lecturer at the Smithsonian Institution, The National Institutes of Health and numerous colleges and universities, mostly on science fiction and technology subjects; Chalker married Eva C. Whitley in 1978 and has 2 sons.

Chalker's awards include the Dedalus Award[?] (1983), The Gold Medal of the West Coast Review of Books (1984), Skylark Award[?] (1985), Hamilton-Brackett Memorial Award[?] (1979), as well as others of varying prestige, and has been a nominee for the John W. Campbell Award[?] nominee twice and for the Hugo award four times.

He is perhaps best known for his Well World series of books, but has many novels to his name. A device that is used in almost all of his works is transmogrification. The Wonderland Gambit series resembles traditional buddhist jataka-type reincarnation stories set in an SF environment.


(till 2001)

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  • Mignight at the Well of Souls, Del Rey, 1977
  • The Web of the Chozen, Del Rey, 1978
  • Exiles at the Well of Souls, Del Rey, 1978
  • Quest for the Well of Souls, Del Rey, 1978
  • And the Devil Will Drag You Under, Del Rey, 1979
  • A War of Shadows, Ace: An Analog Book, 1979
  • Dancers in the Afterglow, Del Rey, 1979, 1982
  • The Return of Nathan Brazil, Del Rey, 1980
  • The Devil's Voyage, Doubleday, 1980
  • Twilight at the Well of Souls, Del Rey, 1980
  • Lilith: A Snake in the Grass, Del Rey, 1981
  • Cerberus: A Wolf in the Fold, Del Rey, 1982
  • The Identity Matrix, Timescape: Pocket Books, 1982
  • Charon: A Dragon at the Gate, Del Rey, 1982
  • The Four Lords of the Diamond, The Science Fiction Book Club, 1983
  • Medusa: A Tiger by the Tail, Del Rey, 1983
  • The River of Dancing Gods, Del Rey, 1984
  • Demons of the Dancing Gods, Del Rey, 1984
  • Spirits of Flux and Anchor, Tor Books, 1984
  • Empires of Flux and Anchor, Tor Books, 1984
  • Downtiming the Night Side, Tor Books, May, 1985
  • Masters of Flux and Anchor, Tor Books, January, 1985
  • Vengeance of the Dancing Gods, Del Rey, July, 1985
  • The Messiah Choice, St. Martins - Blue Jay, May, 1985
  • The Birth of Flux and Anchor, Tor Books, 1985
  • Children of Flux and Anchor. Tor Books, September, 1986
  • Lords of the Middle Dark
  • Pirates of the Thunder. Del Rey Books, March, 1987
  • The Labyrinth of Dreams. Tor Books, March, 1987
  • The Shadow Dancers, Tor Books, July, 1987
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  • When the Changewinds Blow. Ace - Putnams, September, 1987
  • Masks of the Martyrs, Del Rey, February, 1988
  • Riders of the Winds. Ace Books, May, 1988
  • Dance Band on the Titanic. Del Rey Books, July, 1988
  • War of the Maelstrom. Ace - Putnams, October, 1988
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  • The Red Tape War (with Mike Resnick[?] and George Alec Effinger). Tor hardcover, April, 1991
  • The Run to Chaos Keep. Ace - Putnams, May, 1991
  • The Ninety Trillion Fausts (a.k.a. 90 Trillion Fausts). Ace - Putnams, October 1991
  • Echoes of the Well of Souls, Del Rey, trade paperback, May, 1993
  • Shadow of the Well of Souls. Del Rey Feb. 1994
  • Gods of the Well of Souls. Del Rey, 1994
  • Hotel Andromeda [edited by], Ace, 1994
  • The Watchers at the Well. Science Fiction Book Club, 1994
  • Horrors of the Dancing Gods. 1994
  • The Cybernetic Walrus. Del Rey, trade pb in November, 1995
  • The Dancing Gods: Part One. Del Rey, November, 1995
  • The March Hare Network. 1996
  • Changewinds. Baen, August, 1996
  • The Hot-Wired Dodo. Del Rey, Feb. 1997
  • The Dancing Gods II. Del Rey, September, 1996
  • Priam's Lens. Del Rey 1997
  • The Sea is Full of Stars, December, 1999
  • The Moreau Factor, Del Rey Feb., 2000
  • Ghost of the Well of Souls, 2000
  • Balshazzar's Serpent, Baen Books 1999
  • Melchior's Fire. Baen Books, 2001.

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