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J. Jonah Jameson

J. Jonah Jameson is a fictional Marvel Comics character who is the publisher of The Daily Bugle, a major New York City newspaper and Now Magazine.

While he has a mostly deserved reputation for journalistic integrity, he is not an easy man to like. JJJ is plagued by greedy opportunism and unyielding stubbornness that is especially linked to a pathological hatred for Spider-Man.

He has acted on this hatred by continually accusing the superhero of any wrongdoing in his publications, only to be continually obliged to print almost as many retractions after being proven wrong. Even the numerous times that Spider-Man saved his and his loved ones lives have not changed his mind.

In addition, his efforts to stop Spider-Man included posting rewards for his capture or secret identity, hunting him for capture with Alister Smyth's Spider Slayer robots and even commissioning super powered agents to defeat the hero. The last one proved to be his most costly blunder, especially with the enhancement of a private detective called Mac Gargan into the Scorpion, who soon lost his sanity and turned on JJJ. Furthermore, the guilt of being responsible for creating that destructive pyschopath weighed on him years and was even used for blackmail by the Hobgoblin.

For all his hostility towards Spider-Man, he has a great need for news photographs of Spider-Man, and Peter Parker soon took advantage of that by taking pictures of himself as Spider-Man and selling them to the Bugle with few questions.

To his credit, Jameson has also been a tireless crusader for civil rights, cleaning up corruption and has gone after organized crime despite repeated threats and attempts on his and staff's lives.

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