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Incan mythology

No written records exist from the Incan Empire, so all information on Incan mythology is based off oral legends and writings from Spanish conquerors and missionaries after 1532.

The founder of the Incan dynasty was Manco Capac, son the god Inti, who was himself the son of the creator-god, Viracocha.

List of Articles

  1. Aclla
  2. Apo
  3. Apocatequil
  4. Apotequil
  5. Apu Illapu
  6. Apu Punchau
  7. Ataguchu
  8. Catequil
  9. Cavillaca
  10. Chasca
  11. Chasca Coyllur
  12. Cocomama
  13. Copacati
  14. Ekkeko
  15. Hanan Pacha
  16. Huacas
  17. Illapa
  18. Ilyap'a
  19. Inti
  20. Ka-Ata-Killa
  21. Kon
  22. Mama Allpa
  23. Mama Cocha
  24. Mama Oello
  25. Mama Pacha
  26. Mama Quilla
  27. Manco Capac
  28. Ono pacakoti
  29. Pachacamac
  30. Pariacaca
  31. Paricia
  32. Punchau
  33. Supay
  34. Uca Pacha
  35. Urcaguary
  36. Vichama
  37. Viracocha
  38. Wichama
  39. Zaramama

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