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An igloo (from Inuktitut iglu, "house") is a shelter constructed from blocks of snow, generally in the form of a dome. Igloos are most commonly associated with the indigenous Inuit of Canada's far north, where they were used as temporary shelters by hunters during the winter.

The snow used to build an igloo must have sufficient structural strength to be cut and stacked in the appropriate manner. The best snow to use for this purpose is snow which has been blown by wind, which can serve to compact and interlock the ice crystals. The hole left in the snow where the blocks are cut from is usually used as the lower half of the shelter. Sometimes, a short tunnel is constructed at the entrance to reduce wind and heat loss when the door is opened. Due to snow's excellent insulative properties, inhabited igloos are surprisingly comfortable inside.

Architechturally[?] the igloo is unique in that it is dome that can be raised out of indipendent blocks leaning on each other and polished to fit without a previous supporting structure.

Se also eskimo, Greenland, snow, sled, snowman.

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