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Iceberg B-22

This is a quote from a press release. Does the wikipedia need clearance for this?
March 15, 2002, Washington D.C.-- The National Ice Center (NIC) confirms an iceberg newly calved from the Thwaites Ice Tongue. This new iceberg is named B-22 and is currently located at 74.56S/ 107.55W. Iceberg B-22, roughly 46NM long and 35NM wide, covers an area of approximately 2,120 square statute miles. National Snow and Ice Data Center scientist Dr. Ted Scambos notified NIC of a large crack in the Thwaites Tongue discovered by Jennifer Bohlander (also of NSIDC) using MODIS data from February 10th, 2001. The crack was found to have significantly widened in MODIS data from March 8, 2001. Analyst Judy Shaffier, of the National Ice Center, confirmed the calving of Iceberg B22 using the satellite images shown above from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program[?]'s (DMSP) Operational Line Scan (OLS) Visible sensor (Figure 1) and NOAA's AVHRR sensor (Figure 2), both dated March 11, 2001.

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