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Islamic Association of Palestine

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Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP) is an religious based organization that purports to write articles of a factual nature on issues that "Zionist controlled" westernized media fails to report. It calls itself a "a not-for-profit, public-awareness, educational, political, social, and civic, national grassroots organization dedicated to advancing a just, comprehensive, and eternal solution to the cause of Palestine and suffrages of the Palestinians."

It has been accused of issuing anti-Semitic propaganda and having links to terrorists by the ADL.

The organizations claims that it is, by definition, not anti-Semitic. According to the IAP, "Semitic" is a linguistic term denoting a family of Afro-Asiatic languages, including Arabic. As Palestinians are speakers of Arabic, they are by definition Semites. Therefore, according to the IAP, a pro-Palestinian organization is inherently incapable of being anti-Semitic. [1] (http://www.iap.org/zionism6.htm)

It is widely considered by the U.S. Government to be a front for Hamas in the United States.

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