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Hunmin jeong-eum haerye

Hunmin jeong-eum haerye (훈민정음해례 ; 訓民正音解例 "Explanations and Examples of the Correct/Proper Sounds for the Instruction of the People"), also called and translated as the Haerye Edition of Hunmin jeong-eum (훈민정음해례본 ; 訓民正音解例本), is a commentary document to Hunmin jeong-eum, on the science of Han-geul. It was written by scholars from the Hall of Worthies (Jiphyeonjeon), commissioned by King Sejong the Great. In addition to an introduction by Sejong and a colophon by the scholar Jeong Inji (鄭麟趾), it contains the following chapters:
  1. "An Explanation of the Design of the Letters" (制字解)
  2. "An Explanation of the Initials" (初聲解)
  3. "An Explanation of the Medials" (中聲解)
  4. "An Explanation of the Finals" (終聲解)
  5. "An Explanation of the Combination the Letters" (合字解)
  6. "Examples of the Uses of the Letters" (用字例)

See section "Jamo" in the article Han-geul for an excerpt of the letter design explanations from chapters 2 through 4.

Hunmin jeong-eum haerye was written entirely in Han-geul, although an official version in Hanja exists as well.

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