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Hefei (合肥 pinyin he2 fei2) is the capital of Anhui Province of China. Formerly translitered Hofei using the Wade-Giles system. Population: 0.772 million. Area: 120 km².

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History The city was known as Luzhou (庐州 pinyin lu2 zhou1) during Ming and Qing Dynasties.

A famous Three Kingdoms battle was fought at what is currently Xiaoyao Ford (逍遥津 pinyin xiao1 yao2 jin1) in Hefei. General Zhang Liao of the Kingdom of Wei (魏 wei4) commanding 7,000 picked cavalrymen defeated the 100,000-men army of Kingdom of Wu (吳 wu2).

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Hefei locates 130 km west of Nanjing.

Hefei's annual average temperature about 15.7°C. Its annual precipitation is about 1000 mm.

Chaohu Lake, a lake 15 km southeast of the city, is one of the largest freshwater lake in China. However, the lake has been polluted with nitrogen and phosphor in recent decades.


Before PRC, Hefei was a town who industry was predominantly agriculture. Soon after the founding of PRC, the capital of Anhui was moved from Anqing[?] to Hefei. To help development of the city, many talents were sent from other parts of the country to Hefei. Modern day Hefei has machinery, electronics, chemistry, steel, textile, and cigarette industries.


The majority of the population in Hefei is Han Chinese. There is a small minority of Hui Chinese living in the city.

Sites of Interest

Xiaoyao Ford was the site of the battle mentioned above. The site where the 7,000 Wei cavalrymen were picked is also a famous attraction.

Bao Zheng (999 - 1062), a Prime Minister of the Song dynasty, was born in Hefei. He is more famous for his time as Magistrate because a TV series was made for him during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The Temple of Lord Bao, located near the city center, first built in 1066 close to the tomb of Bao.

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