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This is about the food. For other uses, see Ham (disambiguation).

Ham is a part of pork, namely meat from the haunch of a pig or boar. Although it is cooked and served fresh, most ham is smoked or processed in some way.

Varieties include Parma ham (ham from the city of Parma) and prosciutto (ham in the style of Parma but from some other place). The Spanish jamon is dried but not smoked. Virginia ham, the most notable of which is the Smithfield ham, is smoked.

Ham is also processed into other meat products such as SPAM luncheon meat.

To cure Hams

For each ham of twelve pounds weight: Two pounds of common salt; 2 ounces of saltpetre; 1/4 pound of bay salt; 1/4 pound of coarse sugar. This should be reduced to the finest powder. Rub the hams well with it; female hands are not often heavy enough to do this thoroughly. Then place them in a deep pan, and add a wineglassful of good vinegar. Turn the hams every day; for the first three or four days rub them well with the brine; after that time it will suffice to ladle it over the meat with a wooden or iron spoon. They should remain three weeks in the pickle. When taken from it wipe them well, put them in bags of brown paper and then smoke them with wood smoke for three weeks.

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