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H. S. M. Coxeter

H.S.M. ("Donald") Coxeter (February 9, 1907 - March 31, 2003) is generally regarded as the greatest geometer of the 20th century.

He worked for 60 years at the University of Toronto and published twelve books. He was most noted for his work on regular polytopes and hyperdimensional geometries. He met Maurits Escher and his work on geometric figures helped inspire some of Escher's works. He also inspired some of the innovations of Buckminster Fuller.

He studied the philosophy of mathematics under Ludwig Wittgenstein at Trinity College, Cambridge. He remained at Cambridge following his doctorate, then did postgraduate studies at Princeton University. He became an assistant professor at the University of Toronto.


  • The Real Projective Plane (1955)
  • Introduction to Geometry (1961)
  • Regular Polytopes (1963)
  • Regular Complex Polytopes
  • Non-Euclidian Geometry (1965)
  • Geometry Revisited (with S. L. Greitzer, 1967)
  • The Beauty of Geometry: Twelve Essays
  • The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra (with P. Du Val, H. T. Flather, J. F. Petrie)
  • Mathematical Recreations and Essays (with W. W. Rouse Ball)

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