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Guinness is a dark stout (a type of beer), brewed in James Gate, Dublin, Ireland. It is also brewed under licence internationally - the resulting beer is, from all reports, significantly different. Guinness is available in a number of varieties and strengths, which include:
  • Guinness draught stout, sold in kegs;
  • Canned Guinness, which includes a widget to simulate draught Guinness;
  • Guinness Extra Stout, a bottled stout of higher gravity and strength than draught Guinness, for a longer shelf life;
  • Guinness Tropical Stout, an even stronger stout produced to keep in warm climates.

Draught Guinness is considered at its best flavor when served cool and poured slowly. While this method of pouring (slow) is done in Ireland, American bars seem to ignore the requisite 'slow pour'.

The Guinness brewery also makes the "Harp" brand of lager beer.

The Guinness company also produces the Guinness Book of Records, which originated as a method of settling bar bets.

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