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Greg Egan

Greg Egan (1961-) is an Australian (Perth based) computer programmer and science fiction author. He has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Western Australia (http://www.uwa.edu.au/).

Egan specialises in hard science fiction stories with mathematical and metaphysical themes, including the nature of consciousness. Other themes include genetics, simulated reality, mind transfer and sentient software.

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  • 'Singleton'
  • 'Oracle'
  • 'Only Connect'
  • 'Border Guards'
  • 'Oceanic'
  • 'The Planck Dive'
  • 'Yeyuka'
  • 'Reasons to Be Cheerful'
  • 'Silver Fire'
  • 'TAP'
  • 'Mister Volition'
  • 'Luminous'
  • 'Wang's Carpets'
  • 'A Kidnapping'
  • 'Seeing'
  • 'Mitochondrial Eve'
  • 'Cocoon'
  • 'Our Lady of Chernobyl'
  • 'Chaff'
  • 'Transition Dreams'
  • 'The Walk'
  • 'Reification Highway'
  • 'Closer'
  • 'Worthless'
  • 'Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies'
  • 'Dust'
  • 'Before'
  • 'The Hundred Light-Year Diary'
  • 'Into Darkness'
  • 'Fidelity'
  • 'Appropriate Love'
  • 'The Demon's Passage'
  • 'The Infinite Assassin'
  • 'The Moat'
  • 'In Numbers'
  • 'Blood Sisters'
  • 'The Vat'
  • 'The Moral Virologist'
  • 'Axiomatic'
  • 'The Extra'
  • 'The Safe-Deposit Box'
  • 'Learning to Be Me'
  • 'Eugene'
  • 'The Caress'
  • 'Beyond the Whistle Test'
  • 'The Cutie'
  • 'Scatter My Ashes'
  • 'Neighbourhood Watch'
  • 'Mind Vampires'
  • 'Tangled Up'
  • 'The Way She Smiles, The Things She Says'
  • 'Artifact'


  • Permutation City: John W. Campbell Memorial Award (1995)
  • Oceanic: Hugo Award, Locus Award, Asimov's Readers Award (1998)

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